The Dry Eye Digital Blueprint is the best in class tool kit to start your dry eye practice!

  • Everything you need to develop a successful dry eye clinic
  • Purchase includes FREE 12 month OCP Partner Membership - Which Includes: Unlimited Access to the OCP Resource Center
  • 7 Step Action Guide that gives a step-by-step approach to success
  • 10% of proceeds with purchase are donated to help eliminate river blindness and trachoma in countries like Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Mexico, Nigeria, Sudan, Uganda, Mali, Niger and Venezuela through a partnership with The Carter Center
  • The Dry Eye Digital Blueprint is "the complete must have guide" and contains 55+ pages with everything you need to run a successful dry eye clinic 

Oculus Consulting Partners was created to give your practice everything you need to run a successful dry eye clinic.



Oculus Consulting Partners offers non traditional consulting by blending technology and expertise to give you simple, easy, and efficient consulting for your dry eye practice.

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Read MoreOCP's focus is on helping eye doctors and practices build specialty dry eye clinics giving you the tools to diversify your scope of practice to become more medically minded. OCP's technology and web based systems transform traditional consulting by blending technology, knowledge, and expertise to create simpler and smarter consulting.


The Oculus Consulting Partners technology platform includes web based automated protocols and systems along with the OCP Resource Center.

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Read MoreYour personal resource center and the Oculus Consulting Partners technologies are all housed in one place just for you. Our industry leading technology gives you simplicity, improves your standard of care, and gives you intelligence to make you and your practice smarter.


The Dry Eye Diagnostic Lab develops real time personalized diagnostic testing clinical protocols based on the current diagnostic tests and equipment in your office.

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Read MoreBy creating personalized and customized clinical testing protocols based on your current technology, OCP ensures rapid and long term success. Expertise, technology, and customization gives you a “best in class” tool kit to launch your dry eye clinic and make it thrive.


OCP makes treating dry eye simple. We combined intelligence from leading research with technology to create smart automated web based treatment protocol algorithms.

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Read MoreOCP calls the proprietary automated treatment protocol system Treat, which is a web based system to help you efficiently evaluate, classify, and appropriately assign a treatment plan based on clinical guidelines from the experts increasing your standard of care. This makes the treatment of your dry eye patients easier, faster, and smarter.

Get your FREE customized dry eye diagnostic protocol!

The Oculus Consulting Partners Dry Eye Diagnostic Lab develops real time personalized diagnostic testing clinical protocols based on the current diagnostic tests and equipment in your office.


Why use Oculus Consulting Partners?



Oculus Consulting Partners is a for purpose company. We donate 10% of our profits to fight trachoma and onchocerciasis which are two of the world’s leading causes of preventable blindness.

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Where do you start? We give you the tools and blueprints needed to quickly start a successful dry eye practice in no time.

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If you want to take action, you need to be clear about what you want and how to do it. OCP gives you clarity to avoid wasting a lot of time and energy trying to create a more medically minded practice.

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OCP Associate members get access to our Dry Eye Mastermind Private Facebook group to learn and share knowledge with other colleagues.

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Oculus Consulting Partners makes starting a dry eye clinic simple by blending consulting, technology, and practice development resources to make things easier for you.

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Don't want to spend excess time and money trying to do this yourself? We have done the work for you. The Dry Eye Digital Blueprint has everything you need to know to successfully run a dry eye clinic.

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Josh Johnston

About Us

Dry Eye. Made. Easy. 

Our passion for educating eye doctors about dry eye disease led to a desire to find a better way to help others improve their existing dry eye practice models. OCP offers consulting services that blend technology and expertise to offer simpler, more efficient, and smarter consulting.

By deconstructing a complex process, we have developed all of the resources and blueprints needed to make your dry eye practice thrive.

Josh Johnston, O.D., F.A.A.O. is the Clinical Director at Georgia Eye Partners. He is an adjunct faculty member at Southern College of Optometry serving as the Residency Director at GEP. 

Oculus Consulting Partners is a for purpose company donating a portion of profits to help fight two of the world’s leading causes of preventable blindness through a partnership with the Carter Center.