How To Start a Dry Eye Retail Center In Your Practice


 Why do doctors sometimes recommend patients buy OTC drops or products from a pharmacy? It's because we are taught to do so in school and it's a behavior pattern we have learned from our colleagues.

The recommendation of OTC products leads to patients buying products that are not only inferior, but it's also not standard of care for the treatment of dry eye. Poor compliance and patient frustration with minimal gains in symptomatic improvement are what naturally tend to follow.

This cycle of non-compliance is what discourages doctors from treating dry eye and they are left with the feeling that the current treatment options are not efficacious. Doctors eventually begin to think treating dry eye patients is a waste of time since some patients don't witness any successful symptomatic improvement.

A retail center is a key to putting a stop to this cycle. Retailing premium products in your office will not only increase compliance, it will also decrease your patient confusion, and enhance clinical outcomes. The financial outcome of doing this is also a win.

Don't Give Away Free Money
Let's face it; selling retail products isn't something that will make you rich. Or will it? Do the math and you will be surprised at how a retail center for your dry eye products can be an excellent source of income for your practice. Selling just a few products on a daily basis can certainly cover the overhead of a fulltime employee each day.

How much will this revenue add up to in a year's time? What will the amount of profitability gained in five years be? What about a twenty-year look into the future?

When giving a treatment regimen with a new dry eye patient, you should always go over your prescribed treatment plan. Proceed by going over each prescribed item one at a time and educate your patients on what products can be purchased at checkout that day in your office. Then highlight the benefits of purchasing the products your recommended at your office. This leads to:

  • Decreased confusion when trying to find these products at the pharmacy or grocery store
  • Ease of purchase since you offer premium products that are not found on the internet or at a retail store
  • The convenience factor since you can offer the same price or at times even better than what the item is valued for on the internet, if it is available online.

If you want to elevate your dry eye clinic and grow your business, you will need to increase revenue, increase compliance, and decrease patient confusion and frustration arising from insufficient symptomatic improvement. This will get you happier patients and you will enjoy the satisfaction of watching clinical signs and symptoms improve.

This information is not novel and you have heard about these benefits from your reps and colleagues for years. The difference is making the decision to take action and doing what needs to be done. You might have a few retail products currently, or you may have the creation of a retail center on your to-do-list. Now is a great time to make it happen. The most common products sold in your office should be:

Top Four Necessary Retail Products

  1. Artificial tears- advanced technology artificial tears
  2. Lid hygiene products - foams/sprays (I find hypochlorous acid and tea tree oil products very efficacious)
  3. Moist heat eye compresses
  4. Nutritional products 
Two Dry Eye Products You Must Retail
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