OCP has combined technology with expertise and experience to create this collection of vast resources so you can quickly grow the medical segment of your practice. We have spent years finding the best way to efficiently run dry eye clinics and we have created all of the systems you need to improve your standard of care, increase your efficiency, and grow your bottom line.

Everything you need to start your dry eye practice is located here. The OCP resource center has all of the knowledge, forms, questionnaires, protocols, systems, letters, and insight you need to be successful.

The Dry Eye Diagnostic Lab develops real time personalized diagnostic testing clinical protocols based on the current diagnostic tests and equipment in your office. These protocols are developed and personalized to your needs to help improve clinical flow from the front end to the back end. These are essential to help establish efficient testing for ancillary staff and doctors.

Treat brings the OCP Treatment Protocol to life. Treat is a web based automated system used to efficiently evaluate, classify, and appropriately assign treatment plans based on clinical guidelines from the experts.

Don’t have time to discuss all of your recommended treatment options with patients? Are your patients confused once they leave your office? The OCP Personalized Treatment Summary resource generates real time treatment summary sheets based on your prescribed treatment plans to create customized patient handouts in no time. This streamlines the patient discussion and helps decrease patient confusion.

We find one of the best ways to market your practice to other doctors and specialists is to send dictated letters about your patients’ to PCP's and other relevant specialists. Sending a personalized dictated letter to a patient’s PCP, rheumatologist, dermatologist, or OBGYN allows you to spread the word of your specialty dry eye clinic and it’s a great marketing tool.

ICD 10 codes too confusing? The Dry Eye Coding Cheat Sheet is a comprehensive reference guide giving you everything you need to properly code and bill for all of the ICD 10 and CPT® codes needed for dry eye and ocular surface diseases. 

The OCP treatment protocol was developed using extensive clinical insight produced from research on dry eye and meibomian gland dysfunction. Several landmark studies from the world’s leading authorities on ocular surface disease produced treatment protocol guidelines to assess and treat dry eye disease and MGD. This knowledge has been combined to create the OCP treatment protocol. 

Questionnaires help you and your staff quantify subjective complaints about dry eye. They are useful to help ancillary staff and doctors hone in on a patient’s dry eye symptoms. For best efficiencies, we recommend patients fill out the questionnaire you prefer to use at the time of check in, given to patients by front staff prior to the doctor’s exam.