Questionnaires help you and your staff quantify subjective complaints about dry eye. They are useful to help ancillary staff and doctors hone in on a patient’s dry eye symptoms. For best efficiencies, we recommend patients fill out the questionnaire you prefer to use at the time of check in, given to patients by front staff prior to the doctor’s exam.

We find two well known questionnaires work best. These are The Dry Eye Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI©) and the SPEED Questionnaire. The Dry Eye Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI©) Questionnaire is a trusted questionnaire eye doctors have been using for years to help assess dry eye and it only takes a few minutes to complete. The SPEED questionnaire assesses the frequency and severity of patients’ dry eye symptoms. It examines the occurrence of symptoms on the current day, past 72 hours and past three months. With only four simple questions, the SPEED questionnaire can be easily administered by ancillary staff in approximately two minutes. The SPEED score is then easily tallied to quickly obtain relevant dry eye patient symptom information.

OCP prefers using the SPEED questionnaire. The SPEED score you chose alerts technicians and doctors that a patient has dry eye, triggering a dry eye exam using the the dry eye diagnostic testing protocol personally designed for your practice using the OCP Dry Eye Diagnostic Lab Clinical Protocol Developer.


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